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The OSU Microarray Core Facility is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation for microarray production and analysis

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Arrayers:  OMCF High-capacity Microarray Printing:

OmniGrid100:Omni Grid The OmniGrid 100 microarrayer can print biological samples on standard sized glass slides, 100 slides at a time. Printing is from microtiter plates with 96 or 384 wells. A server arm allows up to 72 source plates to be used with full walk-away automation of 22,000 samples. The positioning system is high speed and uses high-reliability brushless DC servo motors. The instrument is enclosed in a humidity controlled chamber. The resolution is 2.5 micons along the X and Y axes and 1.25 microns along the Z axis. Thanks to the funding from the Dean's office, our new Telechem 946 printing pins can print features as small as 60-microns. That means we can get over 100,000 probes arrayed per microscope slide!  That's 10-million probes arrayed in a single print run taking only about 10-hours.   Check our Facility Fees and bring your genome to us to be printed at a VERY reasonable cost!