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OMCF Arrayer E-Group : All users of the Core's arrayer facility must join our list group. All annoucements concerning the status of equipment and other user alerts will be made using this list. You will be able to send messages to other users and read old messages. Also, will have access to the reservation calendar described below. Keep up to date and join the list by entering your e-mail address and clicking the button below.
Reserving OMCF Equipment: With the OMCF Arrayer e-group calendar , all users of the Core's arrayer facility users must schedule their equipment reservations. You will have to join the e-group to do this. Select a date and start time for your reservation. Open the edit window by clicking on the time or "Add Event" button. Then enter the equipment you wish to reserve and your last name in the "Event Name" field. Enter a time (remember to use am or pm) and duration. Finish by clicking the "Save Changes" button. You may enter a description as a special note to other users. Please do not use the Repeat function. If you decide not to use the equipment during that time please be sure to release it by removing your event from the calendar.
Special Requests: Any special requests including those for extended use (three consecutive days) of the OMCF equipment should be directed to Dr. Peter R. Hoyt.
Other E-Groups : A list of several disscussion groups that are available for communicating and sharing information relating to microarrays and macroarrays.