Oklahoma State University
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Genomics Sequencing Policies:



All samples to be sequenced should be submitted with a set of quality metrics to include an agarose gel (for sizing purposes) and spectrophotography data.  All charges are per sample or per run. Price includes labor, fluorometric determinations of quantity, and final QC by BioAnalyzer and qPCR.  Most paired-end sample libraries will be created with ~300 bp insert size. Single samples can be processed for full chip runs. Multiplexed samples may be mixed with other compatible samples. As Illumina transitions to all dual indexing libraries we will be forced to buy and charge for indexed samples (expected at <$12 per sample)


All completed read data will be demultiplexed, quality filtered, and converted into fastq format. Information on accessing your data by FTP will be emailed to you as soon as it is available. The FTP site is only a temporary storage site, and all data is subject to deletion without notice after 4 weeks. All sequence data are redundantly archived at the Oklahoma PetaStore at Oklahoma University


Due to the large variability in the scope and size of genotyping projects please contact us for a project specific quote.


Sample amounts generally needed:

DNA: 100 ng to 1 ug in <120ul of 10mM Tris
RNA: 500 ng to 1 ug in <120ul of water


We expect 400 million reads per run (HT) and 130 million reads per run (LT) on OSU Genomics center-prepared libraries.



To date we have never had fewer than the instrument's specified number of reads using Genomics center prepared libraries.


We will not provide "per read" pricing under any circumstances.

The number of reads is not guaranteed because variable sample quality cannot be fully controlled. We will compensate you for any errors made by center personnel or malfunctions of the instrument itself.


We do NOT guarantee a minimum yield of reads or base-pairs from a lane with customer-prepared libraries.


We perform quality control metrics on all samples. If your sample is unfit for library preparation or sequencing, it will not be queued or run, and you will be charged for the QC.

If you request we run your sample regardless of quality, you will be charged for a full run, and your samples will not be mixed with other samples.


The "Internal rate" is charged when payment comes from Oklahoma State University. All other service is charged at the external rate or commercial rate. Contact us with questions.


Turn-around times will vary, and may be several weeks.

If you have more than seven samples they will be prepared robotically in batches of at least 8; if you submit fewer than 8 samples, your job may be queued until a minimum batch size of 8 is reached. If your multiplexed samples are not in multiples of eight, you can be charged as if they were. 1 - 7 samples can be done by hand at no additional cost.


If the instrument is unable to run, anyone with samples in the queue will be notified.