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Oklahoma State Microarray Core and Bioinformatics Core Cost recovery System


Non-Profit Fee Information:


All user-initiated software use is now completely free. We only charge for training.

The fees listed are finalized, but must be considered estimates. Actual fees may vary. We are not allowed to make a profit, and try to provide service at or below your cost.  Please contact us if you have questions.

Normal Workorder Procedure:
1. Core Personnel meet with you to determine needs and agree on a workorder with pricing
2. A charge number must be obtained with workorder
3. Work is performed
4. Invoices are sent from our Office monthly


  • ACADEMIC - Includes Oklahoma State University, all private academic institutions, and all public academic institutions outside of Oklahoma using government funding.
  • PRIVATE - All private companies, and all other organizations.

    For DNA or RNA Sequencing prices see:BIOinfOSU website

  • Bioinformatics Fees:

Informatics Services are generally charged by the Service Unit rather than by the hour. Examples are shown below. Please contact Core personnel if you have questions

Software is free when you operate it yourself


Work Performed by Core Personnel

Initial microarray data formatting, or reformatting (per SU) $22.50 $40.00
Operation of Core Software  (FREE for OSU users) (per SU) $22.50 $50.00
Scanning 2-color Slides with Microarray Scanner (per SU) $22.50 $40.00
Core Personnel GPAP Analysis (Free for Personal SU) $22.50 $30.00
Organizing differential gene expression data, (per SU) $22.50 $50.00
Gene ontology consultation, (per SU) $22.50 $40.00
Setting Up Server Account (One time Fee) $22.50 $20.00
Performing gene ontology, (per SU) $22.50 $65.00
Data Storage (per gigabyte-month) (See note below!) $1.00 $3.00
Installing Software on Server, (per SU) $22.50 $60.00
Installing Software on Personal Computers, (per SU) $22.50 $45.00*
Statistical analysis, (per SU) $22.50 $75.00
Database Setups, (per SU) $22.50 $30.00
Programming, Scripting, Data Manipulations (per SU) $22.50 $40.00

Data can be stored on OMCF drives at a reasonable cost. However, all data over 4-months old will be automatically removed by scheduling software. Therefore it is important that all users eventually store their own data. Quotas will be enforced to allocate drive space.

* Travel time to and from office locations will be included
** User must be proficient at database entry for these rates to apply.