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In 2011, Oklahoma State University approved an interdisciplinary Bioinformatics Certification Graduate Program available CAMPUS-WIDE. The Certification program includes extra work taking graduate level courses selected for Bioinformatics training. These courses are in addition to required courses within the respective Departments. For example, a student could get a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, AND a certification in Bioinformatics by taking a few extra courses. This effort stems from the existing Bioinformatics Core Facility  "BIOinfOSU" in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.


For Information on applying to this program visit the new official Bioinformatics Certificate Graduate Program homepage.


You may also send inquires to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






Bioinformatics Definition:
"The analysis of biological information using computers and statistical techniques; the science of developing and utilizing computer databases and algorithms to accelerate and enhance biological research."

Bioinformatics includes multiple disciplines working simultaneously to extract meaningful knowledge from large biological datasets. Life Scientists increasingly use high-throughput technologies such as arrays, mass spectrometers, and metasequencing to generate large datasets. Statisticians and Mathematicians are needed to analyze and interpret the data. Computer Scientists are critical to implement the statistical tools, and maintain the databases with biologically relevant queries. These few examples are complemented by applied aspects of information technology, where information is an important part of business and transformative clinical applications.

Exceptional support campus-wide has formed a Graduate Bioinformatics Certificate Program at OSU.  This is a stand-alone certification that can be awarded to graduate students, or post-baccalaureates. An Advisory Committee has been created to lead the different disciplines toward a common goal. Existing courses suitable for training graduate students in diverse specialty areas were identified. A curriculum committee, and many faculty members "at-large"  developed suitable "capstone" curricula. To encourage students from multiple disciplines to participate introductory materials or prerequisite courses have been identified. Whether you are a current Graduate Stendent or a post-baccalaureate, you may enroll in this program to earn a Diploma-style certificate issued by the OSU Graduate College and signed by the President of Oklahoma State University.   (Back to Top)