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A SensiQTM Surface Plasmon Resonace (SPR) instrument produced by ICX-Nomadics has been finally acquired after months of generous "loaning" by our favorite local biotech comapny. In fact, here's a link to their company website just to say "thanks": 


Theres some good news and bad news. The good news is that several labs in BMB have already produced publication quality data from biomolecular interaction kinetic data, and the quality is unsurpassed by other competitive systems. The bad news for you wanting to use the instrument is that it is in use nearly 24/7 and has been "booked" until at least August 2009. Before you use the instrument, you MUST be trained. Fees for usage are beginning now that the instrument has been paid for. Expect $25 per day usage fees. Contact Dr. Hoyt for more information. 

A new Axon Microarray Scanner has arrived! This is a significant upgrade to our scanning capabilities. The Axon 4400 has 2.5-micron-resolution, and has 4-color lasers for multiplexing experiments on single arrays. With GenePix-Pro v 7 running on a 64-bit Workstation, microarray calculations are fast.  The scanner is the highest resolution four-color scanner available. You can perform 4-color microarrays, placing your control and three biological replicates on the same array getting simultaneous and highly controlled comparative data. And yes, it saves you money purchasing those expensive microarrays! Resent results have proven the four-color arrays work well, and we are going to purchases some bandpass filters to make the data even better.

The scanner operating license (dongle) can be checked out on a daily basis for a very reasonable fee of $25 (subject to adjustment without warning!). 

There's more! A MAUI Hybridization Station that uses active mixing of your microarray  hybridization buffer has been purchased to provide the highest level of accuracy, precision, and sensitivity to your microarray results. Better sensitivity and better discrimination of short oligos are important for SNP-analyses. This instrument is part of the Core Faciites Service operations, but can be used by trained personnel for a modest fee of $5 per array (plus the cost of the hybridization coverslip, currently about $20-$30 for the "mixers" from BioMicro. Reservations are highly recommended.

NEW: A Hybex Microarray Hybdridization System has been added as a higher-throughput alternative to the MAUI system. The Hybex system can process up to 24 arrays at one time, and uses "standard" hybridization coverslips. This system also permits you to perform simultaneous hybridizations using different targets on multiple arrays positioned on a single slide.